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Sakagami Kouya & Nakano Yamato Community
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Welcome to morethanzero, a community dedicated to the prototype Zero of the world of Loveless: Sakagami Kouya and Nakano Yamato. We are primarily a Kouya/Yamato community, which means that explorations of the romantic relationship between them will often take centerstage. If you are uncomfortable with lesbian relationships and f/f or yuri material, please leave.

  1. No flaming or personal vendettas. This community is not a battleground -- take them to e-mail or your own LJ.

  2. That said, the moderators reserve the right to execute a righteous smackdown on anyone who starts up the old "why slash/femmeslash?" or "why u turn them gay????" debate again. For any fandom or character, not just Kouya and Yamato. If you must know, go here.

  3. When posting fanfic and/or fanart, please include warnings for violence and explicit sex, if appropriate. No need for yuri/femmeslash warnings -- everyone should know what they're getting into when they joined up in the first place.

  4. Please put fanfic that's over 100 words in length under an lj-cut. Same goes for scans, icons, and artwork. You may, however, post up to three icons without an lj-cut as a preview.

  5. Scanlations must be friends-locked.

  6. No surveys, quizzes, memes, or begging posts. Questions such as "where can I find more Kouya/Yamato artwork?" are okay; posts such as "z0mg i rilly rilly want icons pls make me some!!111!" are not.

  7. If you need to know something related to the technical aspects of LiveJournal, please check the FAQ. Do not post questions asking how to make an lj-cut.

  8. Posts pimping Loveless and shoujo-ai/yuri sites or communities are generally okay. We would prefer that they have some relevance to Yamato and Kouya, but we'll never pass up a chance for more Shiny Things.

  9. We don't expect everyone to speak perfect Queen's English, but please keep up an acceptable level of literacy in this community.
If you have any questions, please e-mail Yasmin (quixotic_sense) at safaara @ gmail.com.

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This community is in no way affliated with Kouga Yun, the creator of Loveless, nor any other copyright holders. It is simply an expression of fannish appreciation, from which we make no monetary profit.